Equitas Capital - An Invest Management Consulting Firm

About Equitas Capital Advisors

Established in 2002, Equitas Capital is an independent investment advisory consulting firm. It was founded by David Thomas in 1982 to provide management consulting services to his clients in Louisiana. Equitas Capital serves its investors by assessing their requirements and limitations in order to design, build, and implement optimized financial solutions. Moreover, it also releases timely updates to its clients about ongoing trends in investing.

The role of Equitas Capital for its investors is that of an outside chief investment officer. It employs an experienced team of investment management consultants and analysts with qualifications including Accredited Investment Fiduciary, Qualified Plan Financial Consultant, and Chartered Financial Analyst. It uses the most competent investment managers, selected from hundreds of candidates from all over the world, to construct its clients' portfolios. In acknowledgment of its contributions in the investment field, Equitas Capital has been honored with the SBCA Best of Business Award for two years in a row.